Society Board & Bylaws

The bylaws of the American Balance Society are available for review here: ABS ByLaws (Revised 2016).

January 2021 ABS Board Members:
President: Kristen Janky
President elect: Chris Zalewski
Past President: Neil Shepard
Student Representative: Paige Brandsdorfer
Board Members: Kristal Riska, Jorge Gonzalez, Richard Clendaniel, Shelly Massingale
Outgoing members: Owen Murnane, Habib Rizk, Paige Brandsdorfer
Incoming members: TBD after 2021 elections

ABS 2019 board meeting, seated left to right:
Chris Zalewski, Jamie Bogle, Jorge Gonzalez, Habib Risk,
Neal Shepard, Kristal Riska, Kristen Janky, Paige Brandsdorfer.
Photo credit: Julie Honaker